Karazhan is a Strange Master

I did another run through Kara yesterday, though we still have to finish up the last few bosses (Illhoof, Chess, Netherspite, Prince). After downing Nightbane I was hoping to see that Nightstaff of the Everliving had dropped. Unfortunately it didn't, which is beyond me because from my sources it has the highest drop rate of all Nightbane's loot. But! I did get Stonebough Jerkin from him and also Ribbon of Sacrifice from the Big Bad Wolf! Now I just hope that Light's Justice drops from Prince when we go back to finish it.

I would be one happy tree to see that finally drop!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting the Stonebough Jerkin. I've been working on that one for months now, and no luck.
Last time my guild took down NightBane, the dps leather chest dropped, and I got it as there were no other leather wearers in the raid (happens a lot...)

Gelaende said...

Ouch. I was able to get it in just 4 runs. Lucky for me the only other healers were a shammy and a priest who already had a better piece. But you'll get it eventually. Maybe you'll get the awesome staff too.

Anonymous said...

I saw your post @ Resto4Life and wanted to say hi to a fellow fresh-start blogger!

Grats on the loot! It always seemed to be that whatever I wanted to drop the most always took the longest to get, even if it showed up as the highest drop rate. Silly loot tables!

Best of luck with the blog! Keep up the good work :D

Anonymous said...

@gel: I'm not looking forward to the staff too much... I like my 1-h Mace + OH item. I've also been waiting for Maiden's mace, as well as Prince's, and no luck so far... I've only upgraded my MH weapon to the SSO Mace out of necessity to upgrade something, as I don't seem to get drops all too often.