Gentlemen, welcome to Brewfest!

Ahh Brewfest.
A wondrous time of year.

A time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the shnow, along with that lovely gnome shtanding over there. Speaking of gnomes, have you noticed how everyone around looks like them thish time of year ...hic

That fella' over in Blackrock Depths is a sly one, he refuses to give me back my beloved kodo no matter how many times I beat him to death with my sturdy branches of doom. Where are those roaming treant thugs when I need them? >:| I did manage to pull some hops from his broken carcass one time, and they smell oh so good!

So today on my third run through BRD (with five summons each time) the ram finally dropped! But I didn't get it. :(
/sad tree

On a happier note, have you tried those nifty goggles? They're oh so fun! Though they pique my curiosity on several subjects:
  1. How do those gnomes tame such giant bears and ravagers?
  2. How do they get on those big elekks?
  3. Just how did those gnomes get so small and puntable?
On a side note, despite all the nerfs to Lifebloom and Flourish (I refuse to call it "Wild Growth"), I must admit - Blizzard made the right decision on one thing:

Night Elf Druid

Gnome Druid

Blood Elf Druid

Gnomes and Blood Elves definitely should NOT be allowed to be druids!


...And Out Come the Wolves (to eat my thoughts)

I have quite a load of schoolwork and the overwhelming amount of ideas I had in the beginning have left my mind. What this means is that until I get some more free time (possibly by next week) and I get some more ideas, my posting will continue being this sporadic.

I'm open to any advice for keeping my blog alive and well in the long-run - and of course any topics that would be good to write about. :)



Wrath is coming out in under 2 months! It's about time Blizzard put an official release date on it.



Here's to hoping I get my hands on the collector's edition!


...and is also rather cruel

So I just finished up that Kara I mentioned (gave up on Netherspite, though) and much to my dismay, Light's Justice did not drop. /cry

But! Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted did drop and I was the only person to roll on it. Go me. While dropping my +heals a small amount, I gained a considerable boost in intellect of 23.

More to come about my future raiding a little later on.


Karazhan is a Strange Master

I did another run through Kara yesterday, though we still have to finish up the last few bosses (Illhoof, Chess, Netherspite, Prince). After downing Nightbane I was hoping to see that Nightstaff of the Everliving had dropped. Unfortunately it didn't, which is beyond me because from my sources it has the highest drop rate of all Nightbane's loot. But! I did get Stonebough Jerkin from him and also Ribbon of Sacrifice from the Big Bad Wolf! Now I just hope that Light's Justice drops from Prince when we go back to finish it.

I would be one happy tree to see that finally drop!


Greetings everyone, and welcome to my little corner of t3h intarwebz!

My name is Gelaende, and is pronounced "guh-lend-uh" (with the g as in 'good'). I cannot begin to count how many people have slaughtered my name. Anyway, I digress.

I am a night elf restoration druid on the US-Mannoroth server and would not have it any other way.

I have to give credit to Phaelia over at Resto4life for inspiring me to get off my lazy ass and begin this blog! :D

This blog will focus mainly on my adventures as a resto druid and quite possibly any shenanigans I get caught up in on my alts.

And now some more stuff for you to get to know me. At the time of this writing I'm 17 and live in the hell-hole that is New Jersey. My first character in WoW was an undead warlock who I have yet to level past 9, and shortly after making him I rolled a night elf druid (odd change, no?) and instantly fell in love. I have a number of alts, all on Mannoroth, and all undeniably badass. I'm currently in a guild raiding Kara regularly (sadly I waited far too long to get into raiding). By the time Wrath of the Lich King is released I hope to be out of Kara, not quite sure how soon that will be though.

Ah yes, also this is my first time blogging so I'm bound to experiment with some of the different features here and different blog set-ups until I get something I'm fond of.

Happy ganking!